Coffee Napkins

I have a favorite coffee shop in town (who doesn’t?).  Sometimes they have coffee/cocktail napkins with very cool designs.  I have used these napkins before with decoupage, with very nice results.  BUT- it is tissue paper, so you need to be gentle.  The napkins are always 2-ply, so first you should separate the backing tissue from the image tissue.

Tonight I experimented with gluing the tissue down onto a heartier paper stock.  My mother-in-law who painted with watercolors had a large number of poster proofs for some reason.  The paper is fantastic, and the proof images do not show through the heavy stock.  So, now I simply cut the stock down to size and use it as substrate.

Here you can see that I’ve used some PVA to glue down some napkin tissue to the blank side of the stock.  Once it’s dry, I can cut it and use in my projects.  Happy!   ~TH~

Here’s the image side of my stock
Here is the blank side, with the tissue image glued down

Author: Tom Hitt

Retired teacher, now writing and creating paper crafts. Oh yeah, collecting typewriters as well.

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